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How to deliver 5 star customer service 

Discover the proven strategy to skyrocket your retention rate

Are you struggling to deliver exceptional customer service? Do you want to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty? 

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to deliver 5-star customer service every time.

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Inside This FREE Workshop, You'll Discover:

The proven 4-step strategy to retaining and signing on your high ticket clients over and over to scale to 6-figures - and beyond!

I break down the proven 4-step strategy that you can implement into your business NOW and I’ll walk you through each step-by-step so you can implement them yourself by the end of this workshop

How to safety proof your business to scale.

So many businesses don’t know how to provide the level of service their high ticket clients require. They watch their clients sign again - but with their competitors. I’ll show you how to safety proof your business so your clients never look to your competition again.

Why you're not successfully booking your clients again and again.

Every year, I watch successful businesses shut down because they don’t know the secrets to retaining their high-ticket clients. I walk you through exactly what your high ticket clients need to sign on with you again - and again.

How to scale to 6-figures with a proven client retention model.

I’ll show you what you need to do in your business TODAY so you can retain, grow, and scale your business to multiple 6-figures - and beyond.

Hosted by Esther Stewart

I'm the founder of CottnOwl. I'm a client relationship expert with over two decades of masterfully providing luxury service for high-ticket clients for everything from boutique businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I work with business owners who are ready to scale their business through client retention and strong client relationships.


Grab your Free Spot!

Are you ready to learn how to retain and sign on your high-ticket clients again and again - so you can scale to multiple 6-figures - and beyond?

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