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Maximize Gorgias with our Customer Service Agents
shared agent coverage from $500 / mo.

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For Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce Stores

As a Gorgias Premier Partner, our Customer Service Agents know the ins and outs of Gorgias including macros, rules, updating orders and responding quickly to your most common issues like “where’s my order?”; plus our flexible pricing with shared agents is perfect for any-sized business. Let us put our +25 years of experience to service your customers and we'll get started in as little as 7 days.

We'll clean up your inbox ...and your chat box.

Exclusive Pricing for Gorgias Users

Pay per conversation with a very low monthly minimum (just like Gorgias) when you outsource your customer service to nice2chat. Includes 8am-5pm PT Mon-Fri coverage through shared Agents.


150 conversations included

$3 for additional conversations




300 conversations included

$2 for additional conversations




500 conversations included

$1.50 for additional conversations



Estimate your monthly conversations by dividing your visitors by 8% (this is the expected contact rate for Shopify stores). So if you have 1,000 monthly visitors, expect 125 conversations.

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What's included?
  • 100% response rate

  • 8-5 PM PT Mon-Fri coverage through shared Agents

  • Agent Management and Training

  • Quality Assurance and Reporting


Also available:

  • Extended hours

  • Weekend coverage

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Social Media, Live Chat & Email.

Our helpful and detailed-oriented service agents are skilled and trained to use Gorgias to answer the most common questions from your customers including:


  • Upsell

  • Product descriptions

  • Return policy

  • Shipping options


  • Order status

  • Order confirmations

  • Product recommendations


  • Cross-sell

  • Cancellations

  • Partial refunds

Faster resolutions for your customers

With nice2chat

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Without nice2chat

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We'll get started in just one week!

LET's Chat

So we can understand your business better and answer all your questions.

Train US

In our implementation session, we'll document the details of your store.

Sync UP

Instantly connect to Shopify in under a minute to have customer and order history at our agents’ fingertips.

Let's GO

We begin replying to your customers and help you improve sales.