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Did we really just start a blog about help desks and bad customer service? We sure did!

Everyone kept telling us that content marketing is a must for B2B businesses, so here we are - a kind of self-serving long-form way to talk about how awesome we think we are and how much we think we can help transform your business and your customer’s experience by outsourcing customer service to us.

Now in our defense, we did think long and hard about what we’d want to talk about in this space where we could contribute to the blog world. We came up with two types of posts which we already gave away in the title:

#1 Bad customer service stories

Being a little sadistic, we really, genuinely love a bad customer service story - one where you’re on hold for hours, one where there are 87 people in front of you in the chat, or one of our all-time favorites: being asked more than once to identify yourself. Since we’ve all had a bad experience in reaching out to a customer service team, we’ll talk about how we loath dialing an 800-number, etc. The self-serving part comes from us talking about how much we believe we can help you transform your customer service into something awesome.

#2 Reviews of help desk platforms

Boring! Yes, we know. But we do know a little bit about help desks because as a contact center, we’ve used almost all helpdesks on behalf of our client brands. New or old, if you use helpdesk software, odds are we know how to use it. Not kidding, check our home page. We also did say earlier that this would be a bit of a self-serving blog because we’ll likely get a cut from referring you to a help desk but the business we really want is for you to hire our customer service agents to solve customer problems on your behalf. We’ll start with the ones we love the most and call out their strengths and weaknesses. If you’d like, we'll help you find the right one for your unique needs - free of charge!

OK, we’ve had too many internal revisions about the content of our first blog post. Time to publish and turn more problems into profit. It was nice2blog.

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