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Tips to cover customer support this holiday season

Are you working on customer support these holidays? We know that this season is hard to keep up with customer influx, but providing great customer service can be a game changer to grow your business.

If you want to offer your customers the best possible experience, you need to try your best to be efficient and cost-effective. We believe live chat and chat bots can help you do both. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of having a great human/tech balance in your holiday customer service campaign. We'll look at how it can improve your customers' experience while also helping you save time and money. So if you're looking for a better way to serve more customers faster, read on!

24/7 customer service - customers can get help anytime, day or night

During the holidays, consider offering 24/7 customer service so that customers can get the help they need any time of the day or night. A chat bot will be able to help with this during off hours by adding frequently asked questions and being as clear as possible through them. According to Intercoms research, a chat bot will increase conversion by 36%. And during normal business hours live chat support will give your clients top notch service. No matter how busy things are, answering questions will help you to provide great customer service around the clock this holiday season!

Increased customer satisfaction

Reliability and trustworthiness are two of the most important factors when it comes to customer satisfaction. Providing customers with live customer support allows businesses to deliver on these aspects, creating an environment that encourages customers to share their positive experiences. People are more likely to interact more and establish a connection with a person they can trust, which is why having a knowledgeable, friendly customer service team is essential for keeping customers happy. This holiday season work on this in-person approach, to create invaluable relationships and gain essential feedback that will leave customers feeling confident in their purchase and have them come back.

Faster resolutions - issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently

How many times a day do you answer “where’s my order?” Technology has revolutionized the way that businesses are able to deal with issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently, especially for commonly asked questions. For customer service a chat bot can be a great help for ticket resolution and answer frequently asked questions, this will allow your company to cover more ground with customer inquiries and having a live chat agent can tackle any issues that may arise.

Personalized service - customers feel like they are receiving personalized attention

Personalized service is key to a great customer experience. It shows customers that their needs and preferences are being taken into consideration, so they truly feel like the company is looking out for them. When customers know that their satisfaction is the top priority, they’re more likely to become loyal fans of your brand. There’s no better feeling than feeling like someone knows you, and it’s no different when it comes to products and services. Whether it’s a quick chat to get an answer or delightful online experiences tailored to your tastes - personalized service helps create unforgettable moments that make customers keep coming back for more.

Greater convenience - customers don't have to wait on the phone or in line to speak to someone

During the holidays shopping online has become the standard, so the ability of any company to answer questions and give customer support quickly with apps or chat software is essential. Customers don’t have to wait long for assistance. Every second saved by quicker service counts and can often mean the difference between a satisfied customer and one who goes somewhere else.

Even though live chat is an excellent tool for customer service, the most powerful way to become efficient at resolving customer inquiries is by combining both technology and human touch using a CRM with a chat bot integration and a human agent supporting it to give your customer support campaign the boost it needs, for this nice2chat can be a great ally, our shared and dedicated agents can tackle your live chat and manage your CRM of preference for any e-commerce campaigns.

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