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We find experts in your industry to join your team.

Intentionally Sourced

Recruit and onboard up to 10 agents in 7 days.

Onboard in 7 days

Connect via Slack, Teams, or your preferred channel.

Direct communication

No team is too small to start working with us.

From 0.5 agents to ∞

Custom nearshore teams

When you outsource to us the only thing that changes is your bill.

Intentional Sourcing that matches your industry. We harness experts specific to every business to deliver faster resolutions with exceptional quality to match your exact needs.

nice2chat offers

California English. Neutral English native to California. Tijuana is located 20 minutes south of San Diego and offers the best English outside of USA and Canada.

nice2chat offers

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Ensure personalized support for your clients when and where they need it.

Customer Service

Our HIPAA-certified experts keep your appointment book full and your bills paid.

Virtual Receptionist

We can help troubleshoot problems, diagnose issues remotely, and offer effective solutions.

Tech Support

Streamline team efficiency by delegating tasks and lightening your workload.

Back Office

It's nice2hear from our clients

“I would recommend nice2chat to any company that wants to grow”

- Operations Leader


“I was not anticipating having dental trained folks jumping in on the virtual receptionist position, and that was huge”

-Managing Director


“With nice2chat, we offered the best service we’ve ever offered in a busy season”

-Customer service Manager


“We love the flexibility nice2chat offers”

-Head of Operations

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We use your Software

Want to get it in touch with us?

Let's chat

Industries Served

Turning customer inquiries into sales, making your CS team into a profit center.


 Handling patient interactions with care and empathy, ensuring compassionate support.

Health Care

Providing scalable solutions

tailored to the unique needs of growing businesses.


Building customer trust and reliability in all aspects of your operations.

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