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Our team specializes in building intentionally sourced nearshore teams for your industry

Intentionally Sourced Teams

Intentional Sourcing matches your needs. Regardless of your industry, we locate the ideal talent for your needs to deliver faster resolutions with exceptional quality. Whether you require accountants, coders, marketers, healthcare professionals, or any other specialty, we've got you covered.


Tijuana's strategic location, just 20 minutes south of San Diego, positions it as a BPO Hub, offering diverse talent and cost advantages. With its bilingual workforce and competitive operational expenses, the city has continuously catered to industries for over two decades.

Startups with a limited budget can still provide world-class support to their customers with us. We can set up your operation in as little as 7 days and give you back the time you spend on repetitive tasks so you can focus on building your product.

Start Ups

With our HIPAA certified virtual receptionists, we help healthcare providers can ensure compassionate support for their patients. We work with industry professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality service tailored to your unique needs.

Health care

Each customer interaction provides valuable insight into how you can refine and fine tune your product. Ultimately, prioritizing excellent customer service isn't just about keeping our users happy – it's about sustaining long-term business growth.


Struggling to keep up with messages from your customers is a good problem to have until it isn’t and at the end of the day a late reply could mean a lost sale.


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Customer Service

Provide personalized support when and where your clients need it.
Virtual Receptionist

Our HIPAA-certified experts keep
your appointment book full and your bills paid.
Tech Support

We can help troubleshoot problems, diagnose issues, and offer solutions.
Back Office

Delegate tasks and optimize your team.

We are transparent about our pricing, and we offer instant estimates, so you can get your project started as soon as possible.

Upfront Pricing, Just Like Us

Shared Agents
Business Hours | Our shared agents handle 2 campaigns at a time, at most.
Starting at
$8 / hr
Shared Agents
Nights and Weekends | Expand your coverage
Starting at
$10 / hr
Dedicated Agents
Business Hours | You decide what hours they should cover, from 6 am to 8 pm PST.
Starting at
$13 / hr
Dedicated Agents
Nights and Weekends | Expand your coverage as your volume increases
Starting at
$15 / hr
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