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Maximize Broadvoice with our Platform Experts

Simplifying your customer experiences with scalable solutions one expert at a time.

Our partnership with Broadvoice ensures that you receive smooth integration and support team. We handle everything from initial set up and kick-off  to ongoing improvement and feedback loops.

nice2chat helps you make the process easier 

with your customers on any channel. For any and all industries, Broadvoice is a one-stop shop.

Broadvoice connect

We offer

Harnessing experts specific to your business to deliver faster resolutions with exceptional quality to your exact needs.

Intentional Sourcing

Neutral English native to California 20 minutes south of San Diego, Tijuana offers the best English outside of USA and Canada.

California English

Start scaling your team one agent or more.

We can Onboard up to 10 agents in 7 days.

No Agent Minimum

No intermediaries to talk to your team. Connect directly via Slack, Teams, or your preferred channel.

Direct Communication

Look at our other partner platforms

Customer support platform tailored for e-commerce businesses.
AI-first fully integrated customer service platform.
Software solutions for customer engagement and management.

We are transparent about our pricing, and we offer instant estimates, so you can get your project started as soon as possible.

Upfront Pricing, Just Like Us

Shared Agents
Business Hours | Our shared agents handle 2 campaigns at a time, at most.
Starting at
$8 / hr
Shared Agents
Nights and Weekends | Expand your coverage
Starting at
$10 / hr
Dedicated Agents
Business Hours | You decide what hours they should cover, from 6 am to 8 pm PST.
Starting at
$13 / hr
Dedicated Agents
Nights and Weekends | Expand your coverage as your volume increases
Starting at
$15 / hr
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